90th Academy Awards in White River Junction!


Revolution, The Hotel Coolidge & The White River Independent Film Festival present the 90th Academy Awards in WRJ!
7pm-11pm, Sunday, March 6, 2018.
Black tie attire.
Arrive at the Hotel Coolidge.
Cruise to The Briggs Opera House in the chartered stretch limousine.
Cross the red carpet & paparazzi line.
Complete your ballot for the 2018 Junk Awards & enjoy the show!

Admission is free & the cash bar is cheap.

Complete your WRJ experience with an award winning $49 room rate at the historic Hotel Coolidge!

This film & fashion event of the season is brought to you by The Hotel Coolidge, The White River Independent Film Festival & Elixir!

If you have a better party to go to on a Sunday night in Vermont in February – I want to know about it!